About Us

Scott Harper – Managing Director

The reputation of the Harper Group rests on our clients’ success. To achieve that, you need exceptional people. That’s why the process we use to select our people is rigorous. We know that the success of any project depends on the skills and qualities of each individual. That said, we choose people who believe in teamwork and who know that when they apply their individual skills as part of a collective goal, the results can surpass all expectations.


Quality Assurance AS/NZS ISO 9001

Harper Group has a Quality Management system certified under the International Organisation for Standardisation.

Our Quality Management system covers the provision of project management services to the construction industry and includes: development management, financial feasibility, design, master planning, infrastructure, construction management and project delivery.



At the Harper Group we understand the importance of keeping up with industry developments and continuing to improvement our services, by our affiliation with the Master Builders Association and Australian Institute of Project Management to provide professional development, training and connect with network of industry professionals.


To become an Accredited Professional it is necessary to attend the Green Star Accredited Professional Course and pass the competency exam.

Harper Group Accredited Green Star Professionals have a detailed understanding of the Green Star Environmental Rating System and the Green Star-Office Design rating tools.